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以顧客的要求及公眾用電安全為目標,提供專業知識及經驗於設計、技術、 安裝工藝及用料等‧以顧已及人,真誠用心地工作為客戶服務,以 達至一次妥為我等的共同目標。

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Danny Lau KW



ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management System QMS 

There are 8 principles under ISO 9001:2008; they are Customer Focus, Leadership, Involvement of People, Process Approach, System Approach to Management, Factual Approach to Decision Making & Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships. Based on all these principles, PPEL is committed to provide good & consistent services to all our customers.


ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental Management

Besides being responsible to our customers, we also feel obligated to protect the environment. PPEL has been meeting the criteria set by ISO 14001:2004 in Reducing Cost of Waste Management, Saving Consumption of Energy & Materials, Lowering Distribution Costs & Improving Corporate Image among Regulators, Customers & the Public.


OHSAS 18001:2007 – Occupational Health & Safety

PPEL understands that employee is one of our very important stakeholders, we have committed in ensuring their health & safety. Therefore, the company has implemented an occupational health & safety system in line with the requirement of OHSAS 18001:2007; in which includes Occupational Health & Safety, Occupational Hygiene, Counseling & Psychology & Asbestos Management. 


The Asia Pacific Utilities Supplier Management System (APU SMS) is a centralized system operated by one of the world recognized leader in managing supplier information, Achilles. PPEL is accredited by APA SMS as one of the suppliers on their list since 2009.

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Solution Management

PPEL, we will find practical solutions for your project goals at a cost-efficient price. With an excellent industry history in Hong Kong’s standards and practices, we are confident that we have what it takes to solve resources the market for materials and manpower arrangements.  Our commercial team has the technical expertise, solutions-oriented mindset and available resources suitable and in compliance with the industry’s regulatory standards.

Integrated Management Policy

PPEL recognizes the importance of giving considerations to the views and values of our stakeholders. We work to provide ethical services that meet with all applicable legal requirements and company policies. Our Company is committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system. As such, we regularly sought the input of internal and external stakeholders as we developed and updated our quality systems to ensure that it reflects the best practices and meets the expectations of all stakeholders. With inherent risks associated with the construction, installation, maintenance and renovation services of electricity, our business demands the highest attention to safety. Our obligations in regard to safety extend not only to our own employees but also to our partners, our contractors, and anyone who legitimately enters any of our facilities. 

PPEL has been a proud member of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.  We currently operate on a mature management system. This means all of our company’s machineries are recurrently checked and calibrated; employee’s personal protective equipment & certifications are regularly audited; the management reviews our contingency plans routinely; and that our IT systems are always up to date. 

Our company proactively endorse and implement better work methods. Since 2013, PPEL has been operating under the Integrated Management System of ISO 9001 the International Quality Management System, ISO 14001 the International Environmental Management System, and OHSAS 18001 the Occupational Health and Safety. 

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Substation Maintenance

Substation maintenance is a process of periodic, planned inspection of and, if necessary, repair, and replacement of all switchgear, buildings, and ancillary equipment in substation installations. In simple terms, substation maintenance is a regimen of regular preventative checks and actions carried out to ensure substations are kept in good working order. This process typically consists of a series of stringent visual and physical inspections and actions carried out according to a set schedule.

PPEL provides services for substation construction and maintenance. Previous contracts include the construction of high-voltage substation, OHL and installation of 1600A low-voltage switchboard for Shatin Heights Tunnel; and ongoing regular inspection, maintenance, and emergency service of substations for CLP Power Co., Ltd.

For more information of our substation services, please contact us at

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