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Director's Greeting

When I decided to leave a major power supply company to start my own business in 1997, we only had a handful of staff and a few sets of equipment with us. Now I admit it was a modest operation, but we had our principles and we were disciplined. We started in small WR2 projects and electrical installation works for commercial buildings and kept reinvesting in the newest equipment and staff training. We met all the regulatory and client requirements because our proposals have never been rejected by the EMSD. Not once. They must have taken notice because we later won a tender to represent and carry out inspection on the conditions of communal electrical installations in buildings under CLP Engineering and then won the contract again under EMSD. We still hold a clean approval record with the EMSD with every proposal submitted. Those might be small achievements in hindsight, but not to me and not to the rest of the staff at Power Protect. We care about these little victories. We care about our customers and we care about the industry. Our Company is passionate about building a sustainable Hong Kong. I thank the ones who carried those principles all these years and made it possible to adapt new ones along the way.


In recent years, our business relationship with major electricity supply companies has strengthened. Our achievements include high-profile contracts with major public power utilities in Hong Kong, Thailand and China. 


We hope this website will familiarize you with our company’s qualifications, capabilities and achievements upon your future considerations for a project contractor. Yes, we still do WR1 and WR2 projects in high regard.


From all of us at PPEL, thank you for your interest in our company.




Danny Lau K.W


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